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Be guided step-by-step through our transformative courses as you learn and practice essential skills for boosting your wellbeing. Explore topics like yoga, art and dance therapy, mindfulness, meditation, emotional resilience, self-compassion, navigating transitions, relapse prevention, and much more with our expert facilitators. 
Retreats are held at our secluded property in the mountains of the Serra da Estrela natural park, a certified UNESCO geopark and important conservation and biodiversity site in Portugal.
Immerse yourself in an intensive course for a few days, or book your stay in our Rest + Rejuvenate, Wellness, or Resilience Path to coincide with the event you’re interested in.
We’re always planning exciting new retreats, so please check back regularly for updates.

Upcoming Retreats

April Retreat – Mindful Eating: Rediscovering a Joyful Relationship with Food

The relationship we develop with food reflects our attitudes towards ourselves as well as our environment and life in general. The contemplative practice of Mindful Eating leads to an awareness of our habits, thoughts, emotions, and motivations related to the act of eating. It also influences the many other ways we behave and show up in the world.

Mindful Eating does not focus on restrictions or weight. Neither does it impose rules. Instead, it offers you exploratory processes to develop awareness about food consumption through respecting and listening deeply to our inner wisdom.

Like all mindfulness-based approaches, the intention is to help us find balance in our lives, and as such, become more kind and compassionate with ourselves and others.

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May Retreat – The Soul Retreat

Join us for this 2-day creative retreat on the topic of soulful living and personal freedom. We all experience feeling ‘stuck’ from time to time. We can get caught up in limiting narratives which can prevent us from expressing our authentic selves and leading the lives that our heart and soul truly desire. Soulful living is about being able to tune in to your own inner compass and determining what feels right for you. Acting in alignment with our soul’s desire is what fosters a sense of freedom and purpose.

The aim of this retreat is to create a safe place to explore and deepen our consciousness, and to express, face, and release whatever is holding us back from connecting to our true nature. We’ll do this through an energising blend of nourishing practices including journalling, guided self-inquiry, voice activation, yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation, sound healing, and sharing. 

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Previous Retreats

February Retreat – Bodywork and Partner Yoga Weekend

Build better relationships with those around you and discover what it really means to be open to intimacy through learning how to feel deeply and communicate from the heart, giving and receiving bodywork, and creating self-loving boundaries. The retreat will also help you ease tension and bodily pain through healing

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March Retreat – Wim Hof Method Weekend

Retreat sessions will cover Wim Hof Method education, ice baths, natural cold exposure/swimming, breathwork, sharing circles, and group bonding exercises. You’ll be further reinvigorated with meditation, nature immersion, and yoga sessions. Enjoy our excellent wellness facilities including pool, sauna, and gym or our Wellness Menu of add-on options including massage

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New Year Retreat – Stepping into the New

During this three-day retreat, you’ll be supported by our expert instructors Anja Lang, Corina Erismann, Teresa Ranieri, and Niki Parker, who will guide you with their extensive training and experience in the fields of mindfulness, psychology, and coaching.
Featuring skillfully facilitated meditation, mindfulness, dance, and sharing sessions, each element of

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November Retreat – Opening the Heart

We are very happy to announce that Ani Könchog is returning to New Life Portugal to lead another one of her popular ‘Opening the Heart’ meditation retreats. The retreat is primarily based on the teachings of Pema Chödron.
Ani will guide participants through five methods for opening the heart, as

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